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Sidewalks - Vehicle Parking
Sidewalks are designed and installed to provide pedestrians an area to walk outside of the roadway, keeping pedestrians and vehicular traffic separate. When someone parks their vehicle in a manner that blocks a sidewalk, it causes a dangerous  situation forcing pedestrians to walk in the roadway to get around.
It is for this reason that the State and City have laws making parking blocking a sidewalk illegal. 
Please share with your friends and family to help spread the word about this offense and let's all do our part to make Pflugerville and Highland Park North safer.
Lawncare advice
So the Texas heat killed your lawn — think again! You should be watering your grass, but keep drought restrictions in mind, experts say.
Another great resource from Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University Turfgrass Establishment In Texas
Register your home surveillance camera 
Participation in the City of Pflugerville voluntary Digital Neighborhood Watch program does not grant the Police Department direct remote access to any cameras on private property, but instead residents may voluntarily add their name to a list to be kept on file so the police know who to contact if a crime takes place in an area to see if footage is available. More Info
Please Keep Our Trail and Parks Clean!
Our trail is carry in - carry out - and that includes dog poop and water bottles!  If you are visiting one of our parks, please dispose of trash in a designated receptacle.  
• No Motorized Vehicles: For safety reasons, motorized vehicles (scooters, ATVs, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, etc.) are NOT permitted on any HPN Walking trail or in the common areas such as the detention pond, drainage channels or playgrounds. Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs in use by a disabled person are allowed.
• Bikes: Please slow down where the access sidewalks and trail meet so you do not accidentally hit a pedestrian. Please slow down and let pedestrians know you are there when passing them on the trail, especially when passing from behind. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.
• Please keep out of the area under the bridges, drainage channels and detention pond. These are flood and erosion control areas and not safe areas for people or pets. Fires are strictly prohibited in all HPN common areas with the exception of the charcoal grills provided at the Amenity Area.
• When you walk your dog on our trail, in our parks or on a sidewalk, by law, a leash is ALWAYS REQUIRED.  DO NOT let your dogs run free in our parks, on the trail or in the detention pond. There is a dog park located in the Stonehill Park if you would like to let your dog off the leash.  You are also responsible to PICK UP your pet's waste.  Your neighbors do not want to clean up after YOUR dog.  
• There is a dog waste station located on the trail near the Portchester Castle Park for your convenience when using the trail.  When walking your dog in other locations, please bring a bag with you. 
City of Pflugerville Mandatory Year-Round Water Conservation 
To learn about ways to help conserve water visit https://utilitybilling.pflugervilletx.gov/water-conservation/conservation-programs.
City of Pflugerville Brush and Limb Service Pickup
The city changed the curbside brush and limb service as of October 2020.  Only bundled limbs up to 4' in length will be picked up for free on trash day.  If you have unbundled brush and/or limbs larger than 4', you must take them yourself to the Recycle Center or pay Waste Connections to pick them up. For more information please see https://utilitybilling.pflugervilletx.gov/trash-recycling/chipping-program.
Tree Maintenance
July through January is the best time of year to trim back oak tree branches.  City of Pflugerville ordinances require that trees must hang no less than 8 ft. above sidewalks and 14 ft. above the street. These ordinances ensure that recreational sidewalk use and emergency vehicle roadway use is not inhibited by tree growth or limbs. 
Oak Wilt Disease Prevention The freshly-cut stumps of oak limbs should always be immediately painted with tree-wound dressing as a prophylactic measure against the spread of Oak Wilt Disease.  Oak Wilt is spread by tiny wood-boring beetles that are attracted to the sap of oak trees.  Fresh wounds on oak trees draw these beetles like porch lights draw moths. 
In Texas, typically the best months to plant trees are October and November as the temperature is cool and the tree has time to establish before rigors of summer. When planting a tree, you might use tree wrap, supports and stakes. When planted, trees might benefit from wraps, support ties and poles to help the tree withstand wind and to help the growing tree's root system get established to support its rapid growth. A newly planted tree should be able to sway gently as root growth is established, the ties and supports should not be "TIGHT" around the trunk or to the support.
Do you know when to remove wraps and supports? As a tree strengthens over time, it is important that the ties are removed to avoid permanent damage to the tree. Most trees do not need supports after 6 months and practically never after two years. If not removed in time, a tree can grow over the wraps and ties which can strangle the tree, causing severe injury or even loss of the tree. Be sure to take care of your trees by properly trimming them and removing supports when no longer needed.  
Broken limbs hanging over a sidewalk need to be removed immediately. Trees with over 90% dead branches with little or no live foliage visible during the growing season must be removed. Stumps need to be removed from sight by cutting level with the ground and covering with ground cover or removed with a stump grinder.  HPN governing docs do not allow stumps to be used as yard art, planters or other purposes. A minimum of 2 trees must be maintained on your lot.  If you need additional time to remove a stump or replant a tree, please email manager@hpnhoa.org to request an extension from the board.  

 How do I register for the website?
Click the Register button on the top left.  Fill out your information on the form and submit.  Your request for registration will be verified and approved within 24 hours and an email will be sent to you with your username and password.  Access is provided to property owners as listed on Travis Central Appraisal District http://www.traviscad.org/

How do I change my password?
Log into the site and then click the 'Your Profile' link on the top left.  Fill in your new password in the 'New Password' and 'Verify New Password' and click Submit.

What do I do if I forget my password?
Click on the Contact Us link from the front page.  Use the drop down box and select Web Login. Fill out the information and submit. Your password will be reset and a new password will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

What is an HOA?
A Homeowners’ Association is a non-profit corporate entity made up of the homeowners and landowners in a community.  Its purpose is to preserve the lasting value and desirability of the community by upholding common standards throughout the neighborhood. The HOA is responsible for maintenance of common area land, neighborhood amenities and enforcement of deed restrictions. An HOA is typically managed by a property management company to facilitate policy set by the Board of Directors.

Common Community Issues: Who is responsible?
HOA: mowing/maintenance and improvement of common areas including pool, entrances, detention pond, etc., enforcement of deed restrictions.  To report an issue, contact info@allianceonline.net

City of Pflugerville: stop signs, street signs, street repairs, street lights, street parking, unregistered vehicles, permits for solicitors, enforcement of city ordinances.  

  • To report compliance issues, call 512-990-6310 or email Henry Grobert hgrobert@pflugervilletx.gov Code Compliance Officer. 
  • To report repair issues, submit a City of Pflugerville Service Request or use the new Pfix-It app available for Iphone and Android phones.  
  • Street light outages may be reported to Oncor Electric - 888-313-4747
Who is the HOA Board? 
The board is 3-5 volunteers who live in HPN and are your neighbors.   Board members are elected by the members and officers are elected by the board.  The board appoints members if vacancies occur during the year.  To contact board, send email to board@hpnhoa.org.  Monthly Board Meetings are open to all homeowners

What are the Legal Duties of Board?
•    Assessments - Budget & Levy properly, Collect delinquent assessments
•    Reserves - Maintain adequate reserves to replace/maintain common property
•    Review & Implement Safeguards - Review accounts & records; Implement policies and procedures
•    Maintain financial records & corporate files - Exercise good business judgment in investment, allocation, and spending of funds
•    Contracts - Proper review of contract terms; follow contractual obligations 
•    Administer the Association according to governing documents & relevant laws - Maintain and protect the lasting value of Association property, Enforce the governing documents, Follow proper procedures for taking action, Board votes when necessary; no unilateral actions by board members
What is the role of the Community Manager and Property Management Company?
•    Associa is our Property Management Company
•    Our Community Manager is a paid professional who assists the board by performing the following tasks:
o    Attends HOA Board Meetings and Annual Meetings
o    Communications & Work Requests
o    Bids & Purchases
o    Community maintenance & emergencies
o    Architectural & Violation Inspections
o    Mailings & Records
o    Collection of Assessments
o    Community and resident issues

What is the role of the ACC?
•    The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is a volunteer committee.  They are responsible for reviewing and deciding upon homeowner requests for improvements to their property. 
•    The ACC ensures that improvements are in compliance with the Highland Park North HOA covenants, in an effort to maintain the appearance of our neighborhood and safeguard property values. 
•    The ACC guidelines and Improvement Request Form can be found under the Documents/Forms tab of the website. 
Where can I find detail about HOA Activities?
Activities are published on the hpnhoa.org website and you can view them by clicking on Upcoming Events.

Can I bring guests to the pool?
Residents can bring up to 5 guests to the pool.  If you need to bring more than 5 guests, you need to submit an online Pool Reservation.  Pool Reservations must be received at least 10 days prior.
How can I get a pool access key?
It’s really simple – just complete the online Pool Key Request Form on the HPN HOA website.
How can I get involved?
There are many volunteer activities available.  Contact board@hpnhoa.org if you’re interested.
o    Social Committee
o    Amenity Area Committee
o    Welcoming Committee
o    Yard of the Month Committee
o    Neighborhood Watch Committee
o    Architectural Control Committee