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The Highland Park North Homeowners Association provides services for the 602 homes in the Highland Park North neighborhood, which is located off Heatherwilde Blvd and State Highway 45 in Travis County, Pflugerville, Texas.   
COVID-19 Response
  • Safety of our residents is our primary concern.  
  • Communication is key - please contact our Community Manager Zacharias at (512) 347-3013 or megan.rinehart@associa.us if you have any questions/concerns.
  • Now is the time to help your neighbors more than ever. 
  • Scheduled Board and Annual meeting dates could move and may become virtual. 
  • The Amenity building gate is now locked and there is no access to bathrooms or the drinking fountains.
  • The May 1 pool opening will be delayed until government mandates are lifted.
  • Use of our common areas such as parks, park equipment, dog station, walking trails, is at your own risk. Park Drinking Fountains are closed. Please obey government mandates/restrictions when accessing these facilities.
  • If government restrictions allow use, be a good neighbor and wipe down park equipment with disinfecting wipes before and after use.    
  • Please check hpnhoa.org for updates.
  • Again, communication is key - please contact Megan if you have any questions/concerns.  

Yard of the Month
Click here to view all 2019 Yard of the Month Winners
2020 Yard of the Month begins in April

Welcome New Neighbors
Welcome to our new neighbors Nov-Feb
728 Stokesay Castle Path
616 Busleigh Castle Way
716 Portchester Castle Path
600 Stokesay Castle Path
909 Abbeyglen Castle Drive

Neighborhood News
Community Manager
Welcome to our new Community Manager Megan Zacharias. You can contact Megan at (512) 347-3013 or megan.rinehart@associa.us.
National Night Out 2019
Thanks to our Social Committee for organizing a fun NNO 2019! Click here for more photos. 
Hydration Station Available at HPN Portchester Park!
We have a new Hydration Station at our Portchester Park.  Over the 2018-19 winter, the board also purchased additional pool furniture, had a third sunshade installed at the pool and had the fabric replaced in the two existing sunshades at the pool.   
Another great example of the sound fiscal management by our board to provide improvements with no increase in dues! 
Please Keep Our Trail and Park Clean!
Our trail is carry in - carry out - and that includes dog poop and water bottles!  If you are visiting one of our parks, please dispose of trash in a designated receptacle.  


City Trash Pickup COVID-19 Update
Thursday, March 19th to Friday, May 1st
Curbside trash and recycle pickup is limited to carts only (no additional 6 items or bulk pickup) and Curbside Chipping is suspended until further notice. This is anticipated to last through May 1. For updates on closures and impacted services, visit pflugervilletx.gov/virus.
HPN HOA Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 20th, 7:00pm at 18928 Chrighton Castle
The Board Meeting is open to all homeowners and time is provided at the beginning of the meeting for homeowners to provide input to the board. The agenda (along with minutes from previous meetings) is posted on hpnhoa.org under Minutes/Financials at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. The board meets in closed executive session 30 minutes prior to the board meeting.  
Scheduled Board and Annual meeting dates could move and may become virtual due to the COVID-19 situation.

HPN Pool
The HPN Pool is closed for the season
There is currently no access to bathrooms or the drinking fountains due to the COVID-19 situation.
The May 1 pool opening will be delayed until government mandates are lifted.

Important Reminders
ACC Pre-Approval Required for Improvements
The Highland Park North HOA Board and Architectural Control Committee (ACC) would like to remind all homeowners that, as specified in the CC&Rs you agreed to when you purchased your home, all exterior improvements to your property must be submitted to the ACC for approval prior to the improvement work being performed.  The only exception is for a few specifically defined improvements that are listed in the CC&R Supplemental Guidelines as ACC approval not being required.  Both documents are available under Governing Docs (no login required) on hpnhoa.org. If you make an improvement without ACC approval, you could be subject to a monthly compliance fine and/or required to remove or replace the unapproved improvement.  The following are common Springtime improvements: 
Roof Replacement:  Shingle Color must match original builder color of Weathered Wood (which has a balance of gray and brown tones with gray being the more dominant color tone.  Prior ACC approval is REQUIRED if replacing more than 2 squares (200 square feet) of shingles, changing structure of roof or installing a different type of shingle. The shingle manufacturer name, shingle model and shingle color as well as a URL to the manufacturer spec must be included with the ACC Improvement Request. ACC approval not needed if repairing up to 2 squares existing shingles with matching type and color.  
Painting:  If you are painting your house, any paint color change must be approved by the ACC.  It you are repainting your house the same color, ACC approval is not needed.   
Please access Homeowner Docs (login required) to review a searchable version of the CC&R Supplemental Guidelines and download a fillable ACC Improvement Form. If in doubt, it's always better to submit an ACC Improvement Form. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Please contact the ACC or Board if you have questions.
Stage 2 Watering Restrictions (Twice-A-Week Watering)
The City of Pflugerville moved to Stage 2 Water Restrictions on Monday, November 4, 2019.  Stage 2 water restrictions allows residents to water and wash cars twice-a-week on their designated watering day.  The twice-a-week watering schedule is based on street address:
     -Residential homes with an odd number: Wednesday & Saturday
     -Residential homes with an even number: Thursday and Sunday 
Report any watering restriction violations to the City of Pflugerville Public Works Department at 512-990-6400.  More information and tips on saving water are available at www.pfreshwater.com
HPN Walking Trail / Parks 
• No Motorized Vehicles: For safety reasons, motorized vehicles (scooters, ATVs, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, etc.) are NOT permitted on any HPN Walking trail or in the common areas such as the detention pond, drainage channels or playgrounds. Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs in use by a disabled person are allowed.
• Bikes: Please slow down where the access sidewalks and trail meet so you do not accidentally hit a pedestrian. Please slow down and let pedestrians know you are there when passing them on the trail, especially when passing from behind. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.
• Please keep out of the area under the bridges, drainage channels and detention pond. These are flood and erosion control areas and not safe areas for people or pets. Fires are strictly prohibited in all HPN common areas with the exception of the charcoal grills provided at the Amenity Area.
When you walk your dog on our trail, in our parks or on a sidewalk, by law, a leash is ALWAYS REQUIRED.  DO NOT let your dogs run free in our parks, on the trail or in the detention pond. There is a dog park located in the Stonehill Park if you would like to let your dog off the leash.  You are also responsible to PICK UP your pet's waste.  Your neighbors do not want to clean up after YOUR dog.  
• There is a dog waste station located on the trail near the Portchester Castle Park for your convenience when using the trail.  When walking your dog in other locations, please bring a bag with you. 
HPN Volunteers Needed!
HPN needs volunteers for the Social and other committees. Events like our National Night Out, Block Parties, Annual Pool Party and Easter Eggstravaganza are only possible because volunteers plan and organize them. If you can help with future events, please contact the the HPN Social Committee.
Trim Your Trees To Comply with City Ordinance
City of Pflugerville Ordinances require that trees must hang no less than 8 ft. above sidewalks and 14 ft. above the street. These ordinances ensure that recreational sidewalk use and emergency vehicle roadway use is not inhibited by tree growth or limbs. It is imperative that homeowners comply and trim trees on their property to Ordinance Standards. July through January is the best time of year to trim back oak tree branches. For questions, please call public works at 512-990-6400.
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