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The Highland Park North Homeowners Association provides services for the 602 homes in the Highland Park North neighborhood, which is located off Heatherwilde Blvd and State Highway 45 in Travis County, Pflugerville, Texas.   
Yard of the Month
Yard of the Month begins in April. We are currently looking for a volunteer to chair the YOM Committee for 2023. If you are interested, please email the board at board@hpnhoa.org. Click here to view 2022 Yard of the Month Winners. 

Neighborhood News
City Updated Limb Collection Process
2/28/23 The City recently announced that they will only be making one pass/collection on each street during the limb collection process, which ends on March 10. Limbs must be curbside - they will not enter private property. See City of Pflugerville News for more info.
Tree & Limb Debris
The violation hold for tree debris is extended through the date the City completes limb pickup, currently scheduled for March 10. According to the interactive map recently published by the City, HPN's pickup is in progress.  Please visit the City of Pflugerville Facebook page and Website for updates. 
Cleanup of trees and limbs in your yard
If you have not yet trimmed damaged limbs from your trees, please do that as soon as possible. Broken limbs hanging over a sidewalk need to be removed immediately. Trees with over 90% dead branches with little or no live foliage visible during the growing season must be removed. Stumps need to be removed from sight by cutting level with the ground and covering with ground cover or removed with a stump grinder.  HPN governing docs do not allow stumps to be used as yard art, planters or other purposes. A minimum of 2 trees must be maintained on your lot.  If you need additional time to remove a stump or replant a tree, please email manager@hpnhoa.org to request an extension from the board.  
Oak Wilt Prevention
The freshly-cut stumps of oak limbs should always be immediately painted with tree-wound dressing as a prophylactic measure against the spread of Oak Wilt Disease.  Oak Wilt is spread by tiny wood-boring beetles that are attracted to the sap of oak trees.  Fresh wounds on oak trees draw these beetles like porch lights draw moths. 
Cleanup of Common Area - Trails and Entrances
Our tree vendor has substantially completed trimming limbs and removing  approximately 15 weakened trees in the common area along our walking trail and at our entrances. The tree debris from the common area trees is piled in a staging area near the trail until the tree service has a chipper available to chip and spread the mulch in the native area under the trees.  This staging area is only for HOA common area debris - do not add your debris to the pile.  For safety reasons, please stay on the trail and do not walk in the wooded area.
Chimney and Siding Maintenance
Our Community Inspector has noted many homes in our neighborhood with chimneys in need of painting and exterior siding/masonry in need of cleaning. The board has asked Associa to hold off on issuing violations for these items until June 30 to provide homeowners time to paint, repair or clean mildew/mold from chimneys and siding/masonry, if in need of maintenance. Everyone's cooperation is appreciated.  (4/10/22)  

Architectural Reviews
All exterior changes performed to your home and lot including, but not limited to roof replacement, fences, changing paint colors, solar panels, etc., require pre-approval from the ACC before work starts, unless specifically listed as an exception in the CC&R Supplemental Guidelines.  Click for more information. 

Annual HPN Easter Eggstravaganza!
Saturday, April 1st, 11:00am-1:00pm at HPN Amenity Center, 700 Kingston Lacy Boulevard
Mark your calendars and watch here for more details as the date gets closer.  Help make this event a success by volunteering! Please email social@hpnhoa.org if you can help! 
HPN HOA Regular Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 19th, 7:00pm
You must register in advance for this online meeting at least one hour before the meeting start time. The Board Meeting is open to all homeowners and time is provided at the beginning of the meeting for homeowners to provide input to the board. The agenda is posted on hpnhoa.org under Minutes/Financials no later than 144 hours prior to the meeting. The board meets in closed executive session prior to the board meeting. 

Welcome New Neighbors
Welcome to our new neighbors Sep-Jan
924 Abbeyglen Castle Drive
913 Balmoral Castle Court
1128 Portchester Castle Path
18713 Caisteal Castle Path
913 Old Wick Castle Way

HPN Pool
HPN Pool/Restrooms
Closed For The Season
See You in May 2023!


Important Reminders
HPN Volunteers Needed!
HPN needs volunteers for the Social and other committees. Events like our National Night Out, Block Parties, Annual Pool Party and Easter Eggstravaganza are only possible because volunteers plan and organize them. If you can help with future events, please contact the the HPN Social Committee.
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