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Highland Park North and Highland Park are neighboring, but separate neighborhoods with separate homeowner associations and separate pools. Highland Park homes have white vinyl fences while Highland Park North homes have wood fences. If you live in Highland Park, please contact Prism Realty Management for assistance at 512-676-5842 or highlandpark@prismrp.com as we cannot assist you. 
If you rent in Highland Park North, your landlord or property manager must submit this request. 
If your Pool Key Fob damaged, you will need to request a replacement key fob ($10 fee).  Common ways fobs can be damaged include washing the fob, exposing the fob to extreme heat (direct sunlight on the dash of your car, dryer) and exposing the fob to chemicals and magnetic fields.
If you are a new homeowner and the previous homeowner left their blue pool key fob, you have the option to request that we re-activate a fob left by the previous owner rather than waiting for us to send a new one. 
Pool Key Fob Request
Important: If additional information is needed, the request system will send a message to the email address listed above. Please add noreply@hpnhoa.org to your address book to ensure that you receive these important messages about your request.
Homeowner Information
If you recently closed on your home, it can take as long as 6 weeks for closing docs to be received and processed to update HOA records. A pool key can be issued during this time if you attach a copy of your settlement statement to this request.
A $10 fee to cover costs to issue the fob will be charged to your HOA account. Payment is expected within 30 days. The fee is waived for new owners not previously issued a key fob/card (subject to HPN verification).
Request Type
**If you select the "New Owner - issue new fob" option and HPN records show a fob or card was previously issued to you, your account will be charged the $10 fee**
Rental Property Information (if applicable)
Please allow up to 5 days for your Key Fob request to be processed. Key Fobs will not be issued if your account is suspended due to an outstanding balance or unresolved Stage 3+ violation.  Active key fobs are deactivated if these situations occur.
Optional Attachment