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Architectural Reviews

All exterior improvements and changes performed to your home and lot in Highland Park North HOA require written pre-approval from the Highland Park North Architectural Committee ("ACC") before work starts. This includes, but is not limited to, roof replacement, fences, paint color changes, solar panels, concrete work, patios, pergolas, pools, room additions, windows, doors, etc., unless the improvement is specifically listed as an exception in the CC&R Supplemental Guidelines.  
  • There is no fee to submit an ACC Application for pre-approval. If you submit the application after work has started or is complete, a $25 application fee will be charged to your HOA account. Compliance fines could be assessed to your account for unapproved architectural changes. 
  • All notices and correspondence regarding your ACC Application are sent via email to the primary owner's email address as listed on your HOA billing account in Townsq. If your email address in Townsq is missing or incorrect, please update it prior to submitting your ACC application. To ensure delivery of messages, please add no-reply@smartwebs365.com to your email client 'Safe Senders' list. 
  • The ACC does not send notices to vendors or secondary owners - it is the responsibility of the primary owner to communicate ACC decisions to their vendor.
  • ACC Applications must include all required details and documentation.  Owners will be notified via email of missing documentation and if not provided by the owner within the requested time period, the ACC application will be denied.  
  • The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) will process your request as soon as possible, but may require additional information in order to complete the review process. Should additional information be required, please cooperate with your committee by promptly providing any requested information for their review. Please allow up to 30 days for our decision on your request.
If you have questions, please refer to the CC&R Supplemental Guidelines or contact the ACC.

Require ACC approval. The City Unified Development Code section 4.2.4.D classifies greenhouses as an accessory building. The code indicates you can only have one accessory building on a lot, so it would be an either/or situation (you can have a greenhouse or a shed, but not both).  Also, if the accessory building is over 200 sq ft or has electricity, it requires a city building permit. (info from Planning & Engineering Dept 2/2/23)
Section 9.13 Fences.  Unless otherwise agreed between Owners, side and rear yard fences that separate adjacent Lots will be owned and maintained by the Owner on whose Lot the fence exists, or if the location is indefinite, such fence will be maintained by the Owners whose Lots are involved jointly with expenses being shared equally. 
  • HPN fences were installed on the property line between home lots by the builder so are considered shared fences.  The HOA does not mediate between owners regarding costs for maintenance or replacement of the fence. 
  • Fences abutting common areas were set back onto the home lots, so lot owner are 100% responsible for maintaining those fences