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The Highland Park North Homeowners Association provides services for the 602 homes in the Highland Park North neighborhood, which is located off Heatherwilde Blvd and State Highway 45 in Travis County, Pflugerville, Texas.   
Yard of the Month
December 2017 (Holiday Decorating) 
Neighborhood Choice Winner-18937 Edinburgh Castle
Winter Wonderland Winner -  708 Busleigh Castle
Jingle Bell Winner - 809 Kingston Lacy
Holiday Winner - 705 Abbeyglen Castle
Griswold Winner -  816 Portchester Castle
Honorable Mentions
920 Old Wick Castle 
1028 Portchester Castle
613 Windsor Castle
712 Busleigh Castle
18708 Alnwick Castle 

Neighborhood News
New Payment Mailing Address effective January 1, 2018
Please mail payments to our new address starting 1/1/18. If you pay though a bill payment service at your bank or credit union, please update the payee information before you send your next payment.  The new address is Highland Park North HOA, c/o Associa Hill Country, PO Box 627, Kemp, TX 75143. Click here for more information. 
HPN Community Park & Walking Trail Now Open!
Almost 75 residents and guests attended the Oct. 9 park and trail ribbon cutting ceremony at the new HPN Community Park at 900 Portchester Castle Road.  Board President Judy Percy thanked the many individuals who worked together to make the park and trail a reality, including the homeowner planning committee, the Pflugervile Community Development Corporation, the Pflugerville City Council and staff, and primary contractors TF Harper and Brad Lippe.  She also applauded the dedication and leadership of the current and past board members.  Board Treasurer Melody Ryan then provided a brief the history of the project. Following the ribbon cutting, refeshments were served by the HPN HOA Social Committee.  
The Journey
 “This was a labor of love and took lots of work to make it happen,” HPN HOA Board Treasurer Melody Ryan said. “From an idea we had in late 2009, the HOA saved funds without raising homeowner dues to add the new park and trail to address the lack of amenities for our residents within walking distance.  Our developer donated money in lieu of parkland to the City so there was very little land for parks and trails available to our residents.”
Construction began in 2015 and was completed in phases as funds were available.  A PCDC grant of $35,000 purchased the park shade structures combined with $110,000 from the HPN HOA for the development of the park which includes a climbing structure, swings, exercise equipment, 3-hole putting green, picnic tables, benches, safety fence and trees. Additionally, PCDC grants over three fiscal years totaling $102,500 combined with $273,000 from HPN HOA, provided funding to construct the 1.4 mile loop walking trail with pedestrian bridge.  
HPN HOA Board President Judy Percy said that “We are extremely grateful to the staff and board of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation for the support that they provided over the past several years through challenge grants.  I’d also like to thank our volunteer board members and residents who put many, many hours into this project.  The new trail and park will provide many years of recreation and health benefits to residents, as well as a safe path to the new City of Pflugerville Stone Hill Park and the Stone Hill Town Center for recreation, dining and shopping. It’s also making our community a safer place as people get to know their neighbors while walking or enjoying time at the park.”
Please Keep Our Trail and Park Clean!
Please DON'T litter and please DO pick up your pet's waste when visiting our beautiful trail and parks.  Our trail is carry in - carry out - and that includes dog poop and water bottles!  If you are visiting one of our parks, please dispose of trash in a designated receptacle.  A dog waste station near the park on Portchester Castle is coming soon!  
How To Access the HPN Walking Trail
The HPN Walking Trail can be accessed from Abbey Glen, Chrighton, Portchester and Kensington.   For safety reasons, motorized vehicles (scooters, ATVs, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, etc.) are NOT permitted on any HPN Walking trail or in the common areas such as the detention pond, drainage channels or playgrounds.  Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs in use by a disabled person are allowed.  
Traffic signal coming at New Meister and Heatherwilde
City Council has approved the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of New Meister and Heatherwilde Blvd. Construction activities are expected to begin after the first of the year and should be complete by early summer. See the City of Pflugerville website for more information. 
Fire Prevention
Travis County Emergency Services District 2 (Pflugerville Fire Dept.) urges you to take a moment to review their Every Second Counts flier. It has life-saving tips on planning to escape a fire, along with important information about their new Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Hotline. Remember that Every Second Counts! Test Smoke Alarms Every Month, and Plan 2 Ways Out of Every Room. Visit www.PflugervilleFire.org for more resources.

HPN HOA Board Meeting
Tuesday, February 13th, 7:00pm at 18928 Chrighton Castle Bend
The Board Meeting is open to all homeowners and time is provided at the beginning of the meeting for homeowners to provide input to the board. The agenda (along with minutes from previous meetings) is posted on hpnhoa.org under Minutes/Financials at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. The board meets in closed executive session 30 minutes prior to the board meeting.
HPN HOA Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 20th, 7:00pm at 18928 Chrighton Castle
The Board Meeting is open to all homeowners and time is provided at the beginning of the meeting for homeowners to provide input to the board. The agenda (along with minutes from previous meetings) is posted on hpnhoa.org under Minutes/Financials at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. The board meets in closed executive session 30 minutes prior to the board meeting.  

HPN Pool
HPN Pool is Closed For the Season
During the offseason, restrooms are open 
9:00am to 6:00pm.
Pool Season is May 1 - Sep 30
Access Cards only work during posted hours.  
If you have questions about your card,
please submit a pool card request.  
For HPN Pool Rules, please click here

Welcome New Neighbors
Welcome to our new neighbors 
October - December
604 Portchester Castle Path
18720 Chrighton Castle Bend
605 Kingston Lacy Boulevard
18925 Chrighton Castle Bend
18617 Alnwick Castle Drive
18728 Alnwick Castle Drive
18805 Chrighton Castle Bend
609 Kingston Lacy Boulevard
808 Portchester Castle Path

Important Reminders
HPN Volunteers Needed!
HPN needs volunteers for the Social and other committees. Events like our National Night Out, Block Parties, Annual Pool Party and Easter Eggstravaganza are only possible because volunteers plan and organize them.  We were unable to hold the Easter Eggstravaganza this year due to a lack of volunteers.  If you can help with future events, please contact the the HPN Social Committee.
Stage 2 Watering Restrictions (Twice-A-Week Watering)
The City of Pflugerville is in Stage 2 water restrictions, which allows residents to water and wash cars twice-a-week on their designated watering day.  The twice-a-week watering schedule is based on street address:
     -Residential homes with an odd number: Wednesday & Saturday
     -Residential homes with an even number: Thursday and Sunday 
For more information, click here.
Important Safety Reminders
Please remind your children that they should not play around or under the bridges as those areas are not safe. Fires are strictly prohibited in all HPN common areas with the exception of the charcoal grills provided at the Amenity Area. 
Be a good neighbor when walking your dog!
When you walk your dog on our trail, in our parks or on a sidewalk, a leash is always required and it’s also important to bring a plastic bag and pick up your pet's waste.  Pet waste is unsightly, creates odor, and most importantly, your neighbors do not want to clean up after YOUR dog.  It's also the law! Not only is this the neighborly thing to do, but picking up pet waste helps keep bacteria and harmful pollutants out of Pflugerville's storm sewers and waterways, which are a part of our drinking supply! Thank you to everyone who is doing their duty and picking up your pet's waste!  If you see someone who forgets, please remind them!
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